Clipboard Transfer

Last updated 3 months ago

Clipboard Transfer

To send or receive clipboard content, click the Clipboard button in the toolbar.

Sending Clipboard Content

Only plain text is supported and it will be typed directly into any UI control that accepts keystrokes on the remote computer, such as a text editor, a browser address bar, etc.

Receiving Clipboard Content

To receive the content of a file:

  • Open the file on the remote Mac with the appropriate editor/application.

  • Select the desired content.

  • Copy the content to the clipboard.

  • In Screens, click the Clipboard button in the toolbar and select Get Clipboard.

Depending on the operating system running the machine you're connected to, you can receive different types of content through Screens.



Note: unsupported content will be transferred as plain text.

  • Images copied from Preview, an image editor such as Acorn, or a Web browser.

  • Plain text.

  • URLs

  • Filenames, if files are selected in the remote clipboard.

Windows, Linux

Only plain text copied to the remote clipboard can be received through Screens. If you copy an image on the remote PC, you may receive the file path or URL for that image or you may receive no content at all.