What's New in Screens 4

Screens 4 represents the first paid upgrade since Screens originally launched several years ago. Screens 4 for macOS brings the application closer to feature-parity with Screens for iOS, so if you have been using Screens on your iPhone or iPad, many new Screens 4 features will feel familiar. In addition to features shared with the iOS version, Screens 4 also brings some new Mac-specific features to the table.

  • File Transfers: Mac-to-Mac file transfers are now supported in Screens 4!
  • Curtain Mode: Obscure the remote display for privacy.
  • Groups: Organize saved screens into groups for easier navigation.
  • Touch Bar Support: Screens 4 supports Apple's new Touch Bar feature included with certain Mac models.
  • OpenGL Support: Remote displays are now rendered locally using OpenGL, resulting in improved display performance.
  • Availability Indicators: Saved screens now feature availability indicators. A green dot indicates a computer available on the local network, while a purple dot marks computers running Screens Connect.
  • Momentum Scrolling: New support for momentum scrolling provides a more comfortable experience for those who prefer it.
  • Tags: You can now assign keywords to saved screens to help locate them among large collections.
  • Enhanced Remote Display Selection: Screenshots are now included in the UI to help identify your preferred displays.
  • Improved URL Scheme Support: Screens 4 now supports RFC 2396.
  • One-Click User Password: This feature simplifies the Mac log-in workflow for remote sessions.
  • iCloud Sync: Previously available only to those using the App Store version of Screens, now anyone running macOS 10.12 Sierra or later can leverage the convenience of iCloud sync.

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